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Heraldic Animal
Heraldic Animal
Black micron pens on Bristol paper

From Drawing ll class at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi.

"Flying Pronghorn" is my personal crest. He lives by the mantra "the gusto in life belongs to those with the spirit of adventure". This particular antelope has horns and an armored neck to protect him from his few predators. He travels fast across the high plains and uses his delicate wings and feathered body to fly and explore exotic places in the world. Most of his life though he roams the Central Flyway of the United States. He eats blue sage in the grasslands of the Wild West and blue crabs from the marshy waters near the Gulf of Mexico so his central eye stays blue to keep the evil spirits away. When he isn't traveling you can find him roosting in the trees at night and lounging in the soft grass midday. He tucks four crane legs under his body when he flies and when he needs to rest, he uses the suctions on his amphibious feet to help him stick to one place, until he becomes too rambunctious and feels the lust again to wander. He is more than the sum of all his parts and doesn't like to be labeled. His spirit especially is well adapted to this way of life.

This investigation consisted of finding six pictures of animals you liked that had texture on their bodies. Images of the animal were printed, cut out, and rearranged to make a new creature, then sized to fit on 11x14" Bristol paper. First a contour was drawn lightly on the paper and then using black micron pens of various thicknesses the texture was created for a new animal. Attention was given to depicting volume/form and lost edges when doing the drawing. It was a slow precise process that was relieved by the fantasy of the subject matter. Lastly, the drawing was to be posted, with the story, on ones web page.