Carol D. Koutnik

oil on canvas

My art work is about visual delight in diverse places and cultures. I've had the opportunity to live and visit many parts of this world, to draw and paint the environments and to study the histories. What could be described as recording, is transformed into emotional responses to place, thru color, brushstroke and design.

One of my fondest daydreams while moving around, was the idea that sometime in my life I would be able to settle down and have a least a 15-year-old garden. That dream has come true and during the last several years I have joyfully concentrated on painting a home garden, much of which is my own.

In relation to this change of place, I've been curious to understand the properties and results of various mediums on a two-dimensional format. I've experimented with drawing, painting and printmaking applications on varieties of papers and canvases. As my work continues to evolve, I'm discovering ways to simplify garden shapes in spaces that hint at a full garden landscape thru a more tactile approach.